1. Time for token purchase in the market: July 1st-31st, 2021
  2. Quantity: 2,201,292 LAND
  3. Average Purchase Price: KRW 11.58
  4. Exchange: Gopax
  5. Token Burn Date: Aug-26–2021 12:08:59 PM +UTC
  6. TXID : 0xf1a7331b54500c2eeb69e4f14f6d6012e92ca1f53bd5c76d4484de046ec201dc
  1. 70% burn of team tokens (1,400,000,000 LAND)
  • Tx Hash: 0x19684ab05b7818c25377b9dad876766d691d0633ed1634cfca5670bfd0ef50b3
  • Status: Success
  • Block Height: 12728111
  • Timestamp: Jun-29–2021 09:15:54 AM +UTC

Partner’s Name


Counterparty Website

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MAXPA is a developer of residential and multi-family construction projects in South America. Specializing in BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. . Founded on April 11, 2018, the main business area is Peru It is supported by excellent experts and consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction sector. He has a history of building 10 luxury apartments.



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